Laboratory services requests

Urine and Drug Screen

A urine drug screen (UDS) is used to expose the illegal

DNA Testing

is the process in which information concerning the genealogy of


Services offered to Physicians:
Free Registration:

OnPoint Lab allows the physicians to subscribe through a sign-up portal absolutely free of charge and take advantage of its testing services. They are expected to just fill in a registration form so as to become a part of the Onpoint family. Our medical representatives stay vigilant regarding any specifications put forward by a physician for the successful undertaking of tests to their satisfaction.

In order to keep the physicians and health instructions posted regarding the revolutions in the medical field, we offer them the opportunity to sign up for Onpoint’s weekly newsletter.

Well-timed Delivery:

Simply by entering the ID number and password, the physicians may be able to access the patients test results within the time frame of 24 hours.

They also have the option to order a copy of the results and samples that shall be delivered within 1-2 business days depending on the location of delivery.

Direct Billing to the Patient:

Those Physicians who have registered with OnPoint Lab are likely to get a 5% discount, every time they recommend a patient to take on a test with us. The test results may then be forwarded to the physician completely in accordance to his requirements. Moreover, they may also log in to the OnPoint Lab portal by entering their patient’s name and test code shown on the Patient Results on their page.