Laboratory services requests

Urine and Drug Screen

A urine drug screen (UDS) is used to expose the illegal

DNA Testing

is the process in which information concerning the genealogy of


Billing Policy:

OnPoint Lab has always emphasized the need to make the payment services as hassle free as possible for the convenience of its patients. We offer e-Billing services, allowing you to make the test payments online and gain access to your results within the minimum time period of 24 hours once the payment is received. You shall receive the bill in PDF format that can be printed for your own use.

Steps to follow in this regard:

  • 1. Invoice Number: Reflected on the top right corner of your OnPoint Lab Receipt
  • 2. Test code Number: These are available next to the field “Tests being undertaken”

Onpoint ensures the maximum confidentiality of its patients and the results are not provided to the friends/family of the concerned without his/her prior consent. This can be verified since the personal information of the patient is acquired at the time of subscription for Electronic bill payment service. We would like to reiterate here, that we, at Onpoint truly understand your concern regarding the sensitivity of the matter and tend to value the same on high priority.


This site encompasses information relevant to the various products and services that Onpoint Lab offer to patients, physicians and health instructors. The Onpoint Lab excels in providing health testing services, analysis of the various results obtained, clinical trial capabilities and related health assistance.

The information available on this site is strictly for patients and health advisors knowledge. We would like to share with you that the provided data tends to vary from patient to patient. Hence, we advise you to please confer with your doctor before the consummation of the any information.

All the details concerning Onpoint labs services and techniques have been amply provided. However, since we are committed to staying attuned with the advancements in technology in the medical fields, therefore, we look forward to updating our site in line with that. Please note that this shall be done without any prior notice.

Results Delivery Time

OnPoint Lab provides a variety of means for the delivery of the results in accordance to the requirements of our patents.

  • E-Results: You can gain access to a copy of your results on your smart devices wherever you desire.
  • Physician: OnPoint Lab also offers to send in your result to your physician who shall then further forward the test results to you.
  • Mail: We would be pleased to deliver the test results via mail to you or your physician just as you desire.
  • Personal Collection: You may personally visit our OnPoint Lab to collect your results and our appointed health care officers will also be available to guide you through them.

Approximate processing time for results tend to vary between 24 to 72 hours depending on the nature of the test.