Allergy/Asthma Management

OnPOINT Lab has state of the art equipment’s to serve medical care providers with accurate and timely results. We are using ThermofisherPhadia 250 in identifying over 650 allergens and 90 allergen components. It also has the capacity to evaluate most common autoimmunity diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease and connective tissue disease.

Common symptoms including those that are viral, bacterial or allergic are likely to affect the definitive diagnosis that is the prerequisite to the most authentic treatment. Hence, the standard practice is defined by the patients who are suffering from URD; rhinitis, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis. Unfortunately, millions of Americans tend to be the victim of the mentioned troublesomeness which in the longer run has a remorseful effect on their quality of life and income. Resultantly, allergy awareness is on an upsurge so as to fully ascertain the aspects that trigger respiratory illnesses.